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The Quarter Master® LGC (Low Ground Clearance) Bellhousing Kit maximizes downforce and lowers a vehicle’s center of gravity by allowing the nose of the car to be as low to the track as possible. The additional ground clearance is achieved through a smaller ring gear than competitors’ versions and a flat-bottom bellhousing that makes it flush with the bottom of the tightest-fitting dry-sump oil pans. The bellhousing also features both internal and external strengthening ribs to maximize strength and stiffness while reducing parasitic drag.

The kit is designed for circle track or road racers using 5.5″ clutches and a rear-mount starter. It can be used as a retro-fit option or an entirely new package. Quarter Master® LGC Bellhousing Kits featuring either magnesium or aluminum bellhousings are available for use with either 2- or 3-disc clutches.

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Clutch Series

Optimum Ultra-V, Optimum-V, V-Drive

Clutch Discs

2-Disc, 3-Disc

Input Shaft

1-1/8" x 10-Spline, 1-5/32" x 26-Spline

Disc Size


Bellhousing Material



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