Holeshot Clutch For PRC LX & RR MX Bikes


Tomar™ Holeshot Clutches for PRC LX & RR MX bikes have a lower moment of inertia that transfers torque to the rear wheel when you need it for that winning hole shot

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The Tomar™ Holeshot series is specifically designed for maximum performance and durability in 50cc stock & modified motocross bikes. The fully CNC machined clutch utilizes state of the art materials and is manufactured to precision, race-quality tolerances. The friction disc is the latest technology capable of handling the higher temperatures created by the stall speeds of the 50cc stock and modified engines. This combination provides a clutch that is capable of transferring the torque to the rear wheel for an incredible “holeshot” and performance that outlast the competition.

  • Compatible with PRC LX & RR MX bikes
  • Each clutch is engineered specifically for its application to maximize performance potential
  • Transfers torque to the rear tire when it’s needed most
  • Friction disc utilizes state-of-the-art material to handle higher temperatures created by high stall speeds
  • Fully CNC-machined parts ensure durability

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