Clutch, 19T-219 TD43-2 Jr


Clutch, 19T-219 TD43-2 Jr

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Patented TD Technology lies at the heart of the innovative TD43 Clutch. The 4-cycle TD43-2 uses an innovative method known as thermal dissipation that does not utilize the pressure plate and fixed plate as friction surfaces. Instead, friction surfaces are isolated to friction discs and rotors which only see compression loads. Thus, the pressure plate can?t warp because all the clutch components are in compression. As a result, the clutch doesn?t lose surface area and won?t fade at the end of the race. With adjustable stall speeds, the 3? design has an extremely low moment of inertia. The TD43-2 is available for road courses and ovals in the classes of Juniors, Stock Lite and Stock Medium, and is designed for Briggs & Stratton Flathead and Animal, F200 Yamaha and Box Stock Clone applications.

  • Patented TD Technology drastically increases durability & service life
  • 3" diameter & 2 disc-setup balances light weight & durability
  • Perfect choice for Junior, Stock Lite & Stock Medium classes competing on both road courses & ovals

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Weight2.5 lbs
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3-Disc Clutch

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