Aluminum Bellhousing Kit – Optimum-V Clutch – 7.25″


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Quarter Master® offers a wide variety of aluminum bellhousing kits using 5.5″ and 7.25″ diameter clutches. Designed with the latest FEA software, the aluminum bellhousing is the stiffest component possible designed to improve the stress-bearing points. The design greatly improves clutch-spline wear, eliminates flexing, ensures proper clutch alignment to the transmission and pilot bearing and decreases wear on internal transmission components.

This bellhousing offers superior ground clearance and ergonomics, allowing increased passage for various header configurations. Other significant features include lightweight CNC-machining and stiffening ribs on top of the bellhousing for increased durability.

Kits are designed with Pro Series, V-Drive or Optimum-V Clutches. Numerous splines and configurations are also available. In addition to these options, the kits can be configured with either a Tri-Lite Hydraulic or floating throwout bearing.


  • Aluminum or Magnesium Bellhousing (For Reverse-Mount Starter)
  • Ultra-Duty™ Starter (Reverse Mount / Reverse Rotation)
  • 710-Series Hyd. Floating Throwout Bearing (1.75″ Contact) or Tri-Lite Hydraulic Release Bearing
  • V-Drive, Optimum-V, or Pro-Series Clutch (7.25″)
  • Button Flywheel
  • Ring Gear for 7.25″ V-Drive, Optimum-V, & Pro-Series Clutches
  • Ring Gear Spacer for 2-Disc or 3-Disc 5.5″ Clutches
  • Flywheel Bolt Kit; Fits Chevy, Ford, & Dodge w/ 6-Bolt Crank
  • Race Clutch Hydraulic Fluid (12 oz. Bottle)
  • Spline Alignment Tool (Steel)

Additional information

Clutch Series


Clutch Discs

2-Disc, 3-Disc

Input Shaft

1-1/8" x 10-Spline, 1-5/32" x 26-Spline

Disc Size


Bellhousing Material


, , ,

Bearing Type



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