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6-Spline Midget Quick Change Gears (Set #31)

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Quick Overview

 2.043 Spur Ratio (23/47 Teeth)
3.78 (LO 7.72, HI 1.85) 4.11 (LO 8.40, HI 2.01)
4.33 (LO 8.85, HI 2.12) 4.56 (LO 9.31, HI 2.23)

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 2.043 Spur Ratio (23/47 Teeth)
3.78 (LO 7.72, HI 1.85)
4.11 (LO 8.40, HI 2.01)
4.33 (LO 8.85, HI 2.12)
4.56 (LO 9.31, HI 2.23)
5.13 (LO 10.47, HI 2.51)

Over sixty years of gear manufacturing "know-how" was designed into our Quarter Master Pro Gears. We start by using the highest quality E9310 aircraft steel. Then we precision hob them to AGMA Class B Tolerances to produce a true involute tooth form for a high contact ratio. We finish them with a proprietary heat treat process and hand roll test and inspect them, giving you results on the track that can't be beat. These quick change gears are specifically designed to run smoother and last longer than anyone else's and are the finest quick change gears available in the marketplace today! 64 gear ratios are available in 10 spline for sprint and late models and 42 gear ratios are available in 6 spline for midgets.

 Gear Ratios

(Ratio x MPH) / (Tire diameter) x 336 = RPM or Ratio = (RPM x Tire Diameter) / (MPH x 336)

To Determine Final Drive:
(Number of teeth top gear) / (Number of teeth bottom gear) x R&P = final drive

To Determine RPM Change:
(RPM) / (Gear Ratio) x (New Ratio) = new RPM